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NeuroMage Development Notes - November 10th, 2014

Like many small game developers, NeuroMage has been produced on a very small budget and required a lot of personal time and commitment. In the past few months we have been working to obtain additional funding for development while still continuing to work toward a working release version of NeuroMage. 

One reality is that the Neuro gaming community is unfortunately still very small. We have therefore necessarily needed to spread development out over a longer period of time to reduce costs. We are extremely excited about Neuro Mage and very much appreciate the support we have received so far. Our target now for a full release for the PC at the Neurogaming conference next year and will wait on android/ios versions until we find additional investment resources. 

Current state of NeuroMage

Fortunately many of the features are now working to the level we believe for those who want early access, we have a fun playable game that we can build on. Some of the key features that are already in place for this release include:

  • Improved automated camera panning and views
  • Far better handling of Neurosky hardware disconnects and providing hooks for better future handling during multiplayer issues with Neurosky hardware
  • Improved interface and smoother feedback from the Neurosky EEG
  • Full multiplayer duels using Photon's highly reliable mutiplayer network
  • Automatic joins with other players. Very limited match making at this point but will be improved on.
  • Much optimized event and engine improves performance
  • Framework for conjured minions. Now conjure minions with your mind and send them across the battlefield

Features targeted for Nov 30th early release

  • Spell balancing and 66% of the spell tree playable. This will be over 50% of the effort in the next few weeks.
  • Tie in better visual effects and sound to the spells we have implemented
  • More graphic cleanup and optimization
  • Video tutorial for the games features and how to get the most out of the early release build
  • Play testing to make the game as fun and as playable as possible

Future key features for early 2015

  • New environment / battle ground
  • Full basic spell book
  • New spell book with harder spells
  • Spell leveling... Each spell can be meditated on to level that spell up to make it more powerful. This feature will dramatically improve the depth of strategy
  • Coupled with the previous feature we will be fleshing out the meta game on how spells can be unlocked from chained from battle to battle
  • Improved multiplayer features and match making by skill levels & number of games played