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How To Play

The goal of the NeuroMage game is to destroy your opponent before he destroys you. To do this you will need to acquire spells for Fire, Frost and Arcane. Each spell requires a sequence of meditative and/or attentive states. Using the NeuroSky Mindwave headset, you will strive to attain and hold a state of mind for a predetermined amount of time as a means to learn or "chant" the spell. Once a spell is mastered, it is placed into the mage's spellbook and is readily accessible during battle. You must chant simple spells before you can climb the Spell Tree to reach the most advanced and powerful spells available.

Join the Team

The NeuroSky Mindwave's brainwave-sensing functionality is integrated into the NeuroMage game using the ThinkGear library. Written in Unity Pro and C++, NeuroMage is an evolving, open-sourced project. First Class Game Studios welcomes programming input from fellow game developers and meditation enthusiasts. Please contact us if you are interested in working on the NeuroMage project as a software developer.